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Playa Chiquita

Playa Chiquita is 3 miles from Puerto Viejo, just on the main road towards Manzanillo.  In Chiquita, there are 5 restaurants, 2 coffee shops, one grocery store, 6 lodges and a stunning white sand beach with palms almost inside the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Playa Chiquita is considered one of the most pleasant and quiet areas, and some call it the “Beverly Hills of the South Caribbean coast”

There are currently over 20 different nationalities among Playa Chiquita residents and it is considered a convenient neighborhood to live in because of amenities like the famous and well-stocked grocery store El Duende Gourmet Shop, restaurants for dinner such as Pura Gula, Jungle Love Cafe, Shawanda, Pita Bonita o Sabores del Mundo, 2 restaurants for breakfast and lunch, Botánica Orgánica and Soda Vida.  Also 2 rent-a- bikes, 2 cafes, a massage-center and a fashion clothing store. And of course, one of the most beautiful beaches in the southern Caribbean coast, with a private or exclusive feeling since it is accessible only on foot along a jungle path.

Chiquita beach is considered to begin at Punta Cocles and to end in Punta Uva; and it is formed by three bays with palms, white sand and coral reef. There is no doubt that walking down these three small bays is wonderful, highly recommended and almost essential to realize such untouched nature exists all along  Costa Rica’s South Caribbean coast. The coral reef in Chiquita beach is also noteworthy, with 3 different plates that are interconnected and can be accessed easily from the sand if sea conditions are appropriate.

Wildlife lovers will find in Playa Chiquita an excellent place to spot Howler Monkeys, Three-toed Sloths, Agoutis, Raccoons and a wide variety of Coastal and Jungle birds. Most properties in the surrounding area are very well preserved and this has allowed wildlife to remain here, even with human presence. Thus it is very frequent that travelers experience the pleasure of spotting a group of Howler Monkeys right next to the beach or see in live how a Three-toed Sloth struggles to cross a road and finally climbs up a tree for shelter and food.

Jaguar Rescue Center, located 1 mile away from La Kukula Lodge, is one of the most wanted tour for all nature lovers that visits Playa Chiquita and Puerto Viejo

Main shops and commerces in Playa Chiquita are:

  • El Duende Gourmet Grocery Shop
  • El Duende Barbers Shop
  • Chiquita Café
  • Massage Center Denise
  • Restaurant Pura Gula
  • Restaurant Diwo (formerly known as Jungle Love Cafe)
  • Restaurant Sabores del Mundo
  • Restaurant Shawanda
  • Chocorart – Chocolate Shop
  • Alice Ice Cream

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